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Name: Bcdefghijk
Website: n/a
Date: 29 Sep 16 12:50am
The Delvin Breaux phenomenon is captivating New Orleans. The cornerback's journey from local blue-chip talent, to suffering a devastating neck injury, china wholesale, to standout CFL player, to stud Saints cover man makes an exceptional story. NFL on Yahoo!Watch with the world as the Buffalo Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first ever free global NFL live stream on October 25 at 9.30 a.m. ET. The game is available across Yahoo on your phone, wholesale nfl jerseys, tablet, nfl wholesale jerseys, laptop, console or connected TV. For free! The local outlets are eating it up. Almost daily there is another glowing story about the 25-year-old coming out of the Bayou. My favorite headline comes from Jeff Duncan of The Times-Picayune: Delvin Breaux signing could be best deal since Louisiana Purchase THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE!!!! It's not just that Breaux's redemption story is fantastic, it's that his play in his first NFL season has matched it. After two difficult outings to open the year, nfl gear, Breaux has performed lights out, cheap nba jerseys, highlighted by his job helping shut down Julio Jones on national television on Thursday Night Football in Week 6. Watching his film on NFL Game Pass, Breaux displays great recovery speed, excellent ball skills, nfl custom jerseys, good route recognition and a willingness to stick his nose in on running plays. Here are two highlight clips: Teams always look at film and see weaknesses of this player or that player, nfl jerseys from china, Breaux told the Times-Picayune's Larry Holder. I don't think I should get any special attention. I'm still working on my game. There are some things that I have to clean up myself. I guess they can game plan for me. I don't know, he said with a laugh. At six-foot-1, 196 pounds with a 4.4 40-yard dash speed, Breaux is the full package. His performance against Jones especially pops off the tape. While Breaux often had help in coverage against Atlanta, his ability to track Jones and break on routes when the ball was in the air is ideal for a 21st Century corner. Breaux can bring physicality at the line of scrimmage and also displays the athleticism to flip his hips and run with speedier wideouts. Opponents have noticed. (Breaux) has got swagger, Colts coach Chuck Pagano said ahead of Sunday's Indy-New Orelans matchup. He plays with an attitude. He is long, (and) he is physical. He gets his hands on you and gets up in your face. He plays press-man coverage and shadows receivers. There is no backing down from that guy. He is a really good football player. He's going to pose a huge challenge to our wide receiver corps, however they decide to play him. Breaux hasn't been perfect -- he's had seven accepted penalties this season -- but his improvement each week has been remarkable. Pro Football Focus grades Breaux as their tenth-best corner overall this season, cheap jerseys, including two negative grades to open the year. Since Week 3, Breaux is PFFs top-rated corner with a 9.9 grade (Tyrann Mathieu: 9.5, Josh Norman: 8.1). The Saints defense desperately needed a turnaround after a dismal 2014 and a slow start to 2015. With young pieces up front in rookies Stephone Anthony and Hau'oli Kikaha joining Breaux, cheap nfl jerseys, New Orleans has a solid foundation for the next several years.
Name: Ulrike
Website: www
Date: 29 Sep 16 12:50am
Highly educational ⅼooқ frontward to visiting аgain.
Name: Ghijklmnop
Website: n/a
Date: 29 Sep 16 12:50am
专业技术资格考试报考信息被指泄漏 人社部回应

中新网5月19日电 é’ˆå¯¹è¿‘æœŸæœ‰äº›åª’ä½“å’Œéƒ¨åˆ†åº”è¯•äººå‘˜åæ˜  ä¸“ä¸šæŠ€æœ¯èµ„æ ¼è€ƒè¯•æŠ¥è€ƒä¿¡æ¯æ³„éœ²ä¸€äº‹ï ¼Œäººç¤¾éƒ¨äººäº‹è€ƒè¯•ä¸­å¿ƒåœ¨å…¶ç½‘站回应称 ,目前正与相关部门组织开展调查, 中国去年进口大豆大部分为转基因 å†œä¸šéƒ¨å›žåº”å…¶ç”¨é€”ï¼Œå¾…è°ƒæŸ¥ç»“æžœå‡ºæ¥å Žï¼Œå¯¹æ¶‰åŠçš„ç›¸å…³äººå‘˜å°†ä¾æ²³å—æ²»ç–—ç™½ç ™œé£Žæœ€å¥½çš„医院法依规严肃处理,并及 时向社会公告。


近期, æˆéƒ½æ²»ç–—ç™½ç™œé£ŽåŒ»é™¢å“ªå®¶å¥½ï¼Œæœ‰äº›åª’ä½ “和部分应试人员反映,在2016年专业技 术人员资格考试报名后收到非法“å Š©è€ƒ”电话和短信骚扰, ä¸€å±±ä¸œæ¸”èˆ¹ï¼Œæ€€ç–‘è€ƒè¯•æŠ¥è€ƒä¿¡æ¯è¢«æ³„æ¼ ã€‚

äººç¤¾éƒ¨äººäº‹è€ƒè¯•ä¸­å¿ƒå¯¹æ­¤è¡¨ç¤ºé«˜åº¦é‡è§ †, 一起未收押案件引清查 458名未送监狱执行罪犯被纠正 ï¼Œç›®å‰æ­£ä¸Žç›¸å…³éƒ¨é—¨ç»„ç»‡ä¸œå°æ²»ç–—ç™½ç™ œé£Žå¼€å±•è°ƒæŸ¥ã€‚å¾…è°ƒæŸ¥ç»“æžœå‡ºæ¥åŽï¼Œå¯¹æ ¶‰åŠçš„相关人员将依法依规严肃处理, 并及时向社会公告。
Name: Guy
Website: www
Date: 29 Sep 16 12:50am
I delight in the details on your web site. thnx!
Name: Pqrstuvwxy
Website: n/a
Date: 29 Sep 16 12:50am
1.患难见真情。―― 伊索

2.朋友丰富人生。―― 林肯

3.友谊是心灵的结合。―― 伏尔泰

4.友谊永远是美德的辅佐。―― 西塞罗

5.友谊使欢乐倍增,悲痛锐减。―― 培根

6.友谊是一棵可以庇荫的树。―― 柯尔律治

7.友谊是一种和谐的平等。―― 毕达哥拉斯

8.朋友一直都是我们的另一半。―― 西塞罗

9.仇恨终将泯灭,友谊万古长青。―― 西塞罗

10.真金不怕火炼,患难考验友谊。―― 爱默生

11.要结识朋友,自己得先是个朋友。―†• 哈伯德

12.友情的语言,不是文字,而是意义。†•â€• 梭罗

13.友谊是一个神圣而又古老的名字。―†• 奥维德

14.谅解、支援和友谊,比什么都重要。†•â€• 毛泽东


16.真正的友谊,是一株成长缓慢的植物〠‚―― 华盛顿

17.äººä¸–é—´çš„ä¸€åˆ‡è£åŽå¯Œè´µä¸åŠä¸€ä¸ªå¥½æœ‹å ‹ã€‚―― 伏尔泰

18.友谊的本质在于原谅他人的小错。―†• 大卫・史多瑞

19.友谊是个无垠的天地,它多么宽广啊!⠀•â€• 罗・布朗宁

20.å‹è°Šæ˜¯äººç”Ÿçš„è°ƒå‘³å“ï¼Œä¹Ÿæ˜¯äººç”Ÿçš„æ­¢ç— ›è¯ã€‚―― 爱默生

21.ç”¨ä¸å­˜æˆè§çš„å¿ƒæƒ…å’Œäººäº¤å¾€ï¼Œæ‰å¯ä»¥äº ¤åˆ°æœ‹å‹ã€‚―― 罗兰

22.å‹è°Šæ˜¯ç²¾ç¥žçš„èžåˆï¼Œå¿ƒçµçš„è”å§»ï¼Œé“å¾ ·çš„纽结。―― 佩恩

23.æ— éœ€åšä½œå’Œè°Žè¨€çš„æœ‹å‹ä¸­é—´ï¼Œä½ æ‰ä¼šæ„ Ÿåˆ°æ„‰å¿«ã€‚―― 莫洛亚

24.å‹è°Šä¹‹å…‰åƒç£·ç«ï¼Œå½“å››å‘¨æ¼†é»‘ä¹‹é™…æœ€ä¸ ºæ˜¾éœ²ã€‚―― 克伦威尔

25.ä¸–ç•Œä¸Šä¸‰ä»¶ä¸œè¥¿æœ€å®è´µï¼šçŸ¥è¯†ã€ç²®é£Ÿå’ Œå‹è°Šã€‚―― (缅甸)谚语

26.çœŸå®žçš„ååˆ†ç†æ™ºçš„å‹è°Šæ˜¯äººç”Ÿæœ€ç¾Žå¥½çš „无价之宝。―― 高尔基

27.æ‰€è°“å‹è°Šï¼Œé¦–å…ˆæ˜¯è¯šæ³ï¼Œæ˜¯æ‰¹è¯„åŒå¿—çš „错误。―― 奥斯特洛夫斯基

28.æœ‹å‹é—´å¿…é¡»æ‚£éš¾ç›¸æµŽï¼Œé‚£æ‰èƒ½è¯´å¾—ä¸Šæ˜ ¯çœŸæ­£çš„友谊。―― 莎士比亚

29.é™¤äº†ä¸€ä¸ªçœŸå¿ƒçš„æœ‹å‹ä¹‹å¤–ï¼Œæ²¡æœ‰ä¸€æ ·è ¯å‰‚是可以通心的。―― 培根

30.å‹è°Šæ˜¯ä¸¤é¢—å¿ƒçœŸè¯šç›¸å¾…ï¼Œè€Œä¸æ˜¯ä¸€é¢—å¿ ƒå¯¹å¦ä¸€é¢—心敲打。―― 鲁迅[格言语录 ?]

31.友谊不能成为一种交易;相反, 它需求最彻底的无利害观念。―― 莫罗阿

32.è®¸è¯ºå›ºç„¶å¯ä»¥èŽ·å¾—å‹è°Šï¼Œä½†åŸ¹å…»å’Œä¿æŒ å‹è°Šçš„还是行动。―― 费尔瑟姆

33.åœ¨æ™ºæ…§æä¾›ç»™æ•´ä¸ªäººç”Ÿçš„ä¸€åˆ‡å¹¸ç¦ä¹‹ä¸ ­ï¼Œä»¥èŽ·å¾—友谊为最重要。―― 薄伽丘

34.äº¤æƒ…ä¸åƒè˜‘è‡ï¼Œåœ¨æ ‘æž—å­é‡Œæ˜¯æ‰¾ä¸åˆ°çš „ï¼›å­©å­ï¼å®ƒæ˜¯é•¿åœ¨å¿ƒé‡Œçš„ã€‚â€•â€•é«˜å°”å Ÿº

35.åœ¨æ™ºæ…§æä¾›ç»™æ•´ä¸ªäººç”Ÿçš„ä¸€åˆ‡å¹¸ç¦ä¹‹ä¸ ­ï¼Œä»¥èŽ·å¾—友谊最为重要。―― 伊壁鸠鲁

36.å‹è°Šå»ºç«‹åœ¨åŒå¿—ä¸­ï¼Œå·©å›ºåœ¨çœŸæŒšä¸Šï¼Œå ‘展在批评里,断送在奉承中。―― 列宁

37.æœ€å¥½çš„æœ‹å‹æ˜¯é‚£ç§ä¸å–œæ¬¢å¤šè¯´ï¼Œèƒ½ä¸Žä½  é»˜é»˜ç›¸å¯¹è€Œåˆæ¯æ¯ç›¸é€šçš„人。―― 高尔基

38.åœ¨æƒ…è°Šæ–¹é¢ï¼Œä¸–ç•Œå¥½åƒæ˜¯ä¸€ä¸ªå°å•†è´©ï¼ Œå®ƒåªèƒ½æŠŠæƒ…谊零星地出售。――罗曼㠃»ç½—å…°

39.ç”¨å‹è°Šçš„è€™å­é“²é™¤æ•Œè§†å’Œä»‡æ¨çš„ç§å­ï¼ Œå†åœ¨åŽŸæ¥çš„地方种下和谐的嫩苗。―⠀•ç‹„æ›´æ–¯

40.å‹è°Šåƒæ¸…æ™¨çš„é›¾ä¸€æ ·çº¯æ´ï¼Œå¥‰æ‰¿å¹¶ä¸èƒ ½å¾—到它,友谊只能用忠实去巩固。―⠀• 马克思

41.å‹è°ŠçœŸæ˜¯ä¸€ç§æœ€ç¥žåœ£çš„ä¸œè¥¿ï¼Œä¸å…‰å€¼å¾ —特别推崇,而且值得永远赞扬。―― 伊壁鸠鲁

42.ä¸–é—´æœ€ç¾Žå¥½çš„ä¸œè¥¿ï¼ŒèŽ«è¿‡äºŽæœ‰å‡ ä¸ªå¤´è„ ‘和心地都很正直的严正的朋友。―― 爱因斯坦

43.å‹è°Šï¼Œé‚£æ˜¯å¿ƒçµçš„ç¥žç§˜çš„ç»“åˆè€…ï¼Œç”Ÿæ´ »çš„美化者,社会的巩固者。―― 罗伯特.布拉亥

44.ç¼ºä¹çœŸæ­£çš„æœ‹å‹åŠæ˜¯æœ€çº¯ç²¹æœ€å¯æ€œçš„å­ ¤ç‹¬ï¼›æ²¡æœ‰å‹è°Šåˆ™æ–¯ä¸–不过是一片荒野㠀‚―― 培根

45.å‹è°Šèƒ½å¢žè¿›å¿«ä¹ï¼Œå‡è½»ç—›è‹¦ï¼Œå› ä¸ºå®ƒèƒ ½å€å¢žæˆ‘们的喜悦,分担我们的烦恼。⠀•â€• 爱迪生

46.çœŸæ­£çš„å‹è°Šä¸æ˜¯ä¸€æ ªç“œè”“ï¼Œä¼šåœ¨ä¸€å¤œä¹ ‹é—´è¹¿èµ·æ¥ï¼Œä¸€å¤©ä¹‹å†…枯萎下去。―― 夏洛蒂・勃朗特

47.å’Œä½ ä¸€åŒç¬‘è¿‡çš„äººï¼Œä½ å¯èƒ½æŠŠä»–å¿˜æŽ‰ï¼ ›ä½†æ˜¯ä¸€åŒå’Œä½ å“­è¿‡çš„äººï¼Œä½ å´æ°¸è¿œä¸å ¿˜ã€‚―― 纪伯伦

48.äººä¸Žäººä¹‹é—´å¿…é¡»é è€æ€§æ¥ç»´æŒå’Œè°ï¼Œå ‹è°Šæœ‰å¦‚ä¸€æœµå°èŠ±ï¼Œå¿…é¡»é åŒæ–¹å°å¿ƒçš„å Ÿ¹è‚²ã€‚―― 佚名

49.ä¸–ç•Œä¸Šæ²¡æœ‰æ¯”å‹è°Šæ›´ç¾Žå¥½ã€æ›´ä»¤äººæ„‰å¿ «çš„东西了;没有友谊,世界仿佛失去了 太阳。―― 西塞罗

50.å‹æƒ…ä¸Žäº‹ä¸šä»£è¡¨ç€äººç”Ÿä¸¤å¤§ä¹è¶£ï¼Œè€Œè¦ æƒ³æ‹¥æœ‰è¿™ä¸¤å¤§ä¹è¶£ï¼Œä¸€æ˜¯è¦å¼€æœ—ï¼Œä¸€æ ˜¯è¦å‹¤åŠ³ã€‚―― 罗兰

51.å‹æƒ…åœ¨æˆ‘è¿‡åŽ»çš„ç”Ÿæ´»é‡Œå°±åƒä¸€ç›æ˜Žç¯ï¼ Œç…§å½»äº†æˆ‘çš„çµé­‚ï¼Œä½¿æˆ‘çš„ç”Ÿå­˜æœ‰äº†ä¸€ç ‚¹ç‚¹å…‰å½©ã€‚―― 巴金

52.è‡ªå·±å…ˆåšä¸€ä¸ªå¥½äººï¼Œç„¶åŽæ‰¾å’Œä½ ç›¸ä»¿çš „äººåšä½ çš„æœ‹å‹ã€‚èƒ½å¦‚æ­¤ï¼Œå‹è°Šæ‰èƒ½ç¨³å ›ºåœ°æˆé•¿ã€‚―― 西塞罗

53.å‹è°Šå¥½æ¯”ä¸€ä¸ªåˆ†æ•°ï¼ŒåŒæ–¹å°±æ˜¯åˆ†å­å’Œåˆ †æ¯ã€‚åˆ†å­å¤±åŽ»å¯¹æ–¹ï¼Œåˆ†æ•°å€¼å°±åŒ–ä¸ºä¹Œæ œ‰ã€‚―― 佚名

54.ä¸€æ—¦æœ‹å‹æœ‰éš¾ï¼Œæˆ–è€…äº‹å…³é“ä¹‰ï¼Œä»–æ˜¾å¾ —æ¯«æ— è‡ªç§è‡ªåˆ©ä¹‹å¿ƒï¼Œæ€»æ˜¯æŒºèº«è€Œå‡ºï¼Œæ Ž’除万难。―― 马克・吐温

55.æˆ‘ä»¬è¦èƒ½å¤šå¾—åˆ°æ·±æŒšçš„å‹è°Šï¼Œä¹Ÿè®¸è¿˜è¦ å¤šå¤šæ³¨æ„è‡ªå·±æ€Žæ ·åšäººï¼Œä¸è¾œè´Ÿå¥½å‹ä »¬çš„知人之明。―― 邹韬奋

56.è®²åˆ°åæœ›ï¼Œè£èª‰ã€äº«ä¹ã€è´¢å¯Œç­‰ï¼Œå¦‚æž œæ‹¿æ¥å’Œå‹è°Šçš„çƒ­æƒ…ç›¸æ¯”ï¼Œè¿™ä¸€åˆ‡éƒ½ä¸è ¿‡æ˜¯å°˜åœŸè€Œå·²ã€‚―― 达尔文

57.åªè¦ä½ æƒ³æƒ³ä¸€ä¸ªäººä¸€ç”Ÿä¸­æœ‰å¤šå°‘äº‹åŠ¡æ˜ ¯ä¸èƒ½ä»…é è‡ªå·±åŽ»åšçš„ï¼Œå°±å¯ä»¥çŸ¥é“å‹è °Šæœ‰å¤šå°‘益处了。―― 培根

58.ä»çˆ±çš„è¯ï¼Œä»çˆ±çš„è¯ºè¨€ï¼Œå˜´ä¸Šè¯´èµ·æ¥æ˜ ¯å®¹æ˜“çš„ï¼Œåªæœ‰åœ¨æ‚£éš¾çš„æ—¶å€™ï¼Œæ‰èƒ½çœ‹è §æœ‹å‹çš„真心。―― 克雷洛夫

59.è°è¦åœ¨ä¸–ç•Œä¸Šé‡åˆ°è¿‡ä¸€æ¬¡å‹çˆ±çš„å¿ƒï¼Œä½ “ä¼šè¿‡è‚èƒ†ç›¸ç…§çš„å¢ƒç•Œï¼Œå°±æ˜¯å°åˆ°äº†å¤©ä ¸Šäººé—´çš„欢乐。―― 罗曼.罗兰

60.ä¸è¦é é¦ˆèµ æ¥èŽ·å¾—ä¸€ä¸ªæœ‹å‹ã€‚ä½ é¡»è´¡çŒ ®ä½ æŒšæƒ…çš„çˆ±ï¼Œå­¦ä¹ æ€Žæ ·ç”¨æ­£å½“çš„æ–¹æ³•æ ¥èµ¢å¾—一个人的心。―― 苏格拉底

61.é”™è¯¯çš„æ—¶å€™ï¼Œä¼šç»™ä½ æ­£ç¡®çš„æ‰¹è¯„å’Œå¸®åŠ ©ã€‚æˆ‘ä»¬åº”è¯¥è¿™æ ·è¦æ±‚è‡ªå·±çš„æœ‹å‹ï¼Œè¿™æ  ·çš„友谊才是真正可贵的。―― 高尔基

62.é˜´é™©çš„å‹è°Šè™½ç„¶å…è®¸ä½ å¾—åˆ°ä¸€äº›å¾®ä¸è¶ ³é“çš„å°æƒ ï¼Œå´è¦å‰¥å¤ºä½ çš„çå®â€•â€•ç‹¬ç «‹æ€è€ƒå’Œå¯¹çœŸç†çº¯æ´çš„爱!―― 别林斯基

63.åå£°æ˜¯æ— å‘³çš„å‘æ—¥è‘µï¼Œæˆ´ç€ä¸€é¡¶åŽä¸½è€ Œä¿—不可耐的金冠;友谊则是鲜润的玫瑰 花,褶褶瓣瓣散发着沁人的芳香。―†• 霍姆斯

64.çœŸæ­£çš„æœ‹å‹ä¸æŠŠå‹è°ŠæŒ‚åœ¨å£å¤´ä¸Šï¼Œä»–ä» ¬å¹¶ä¸ä¸ºäº†å‹è°Šè€Œç›¸äº’è¦æ±‚ä¸€ç‚¹ä»€ä¹ˆï¼Œè €Œæ˜¯å½¼æ­¤ä¸ºå¯¹æ–¹åšä¸€åˆ‡åŠžå¾—到的事。― ― 别林斯基

65把痛苦告诉给你的知心朋友,痛苦就 ä¼šå‡æŽ‰ä¸€åŠï¼›æŠŠå¿«ä¹ä¸Žä½ çš„æœ‹å‹åˆ†äº«ï¼ Œå¿«ä¹å°±ä¼šä¸€åˆ†ä¸ºäºŒã€‚å‹è°Šçš„ä½œç”¨å°±æ˜¯è ¿™ä¹ˆç¥žå¥‡ï¼â€•â€• 培根

66.çˆ±æœ‹å‹ï¼Œå–œæ¬¢æœ‹å‹ï¼Œç”¨è¯šæ„åŽ»å¯¹å¾…æœ‹å ‹ï¼Œä½†ä¸è¦ä¾èµ–朋友,更不要苛求朋友㠀‚能做到这几点,你才可以享受到交友 的快乐。―― 罗兰

67.æœ‰äº†æœ‹å‹ï¼Œç”Ÿæ´»æ‰æ˜¾å‡ºå®ƒå…¨éƒ¨çš„ä»·å€¼ï¼ ›ä¸€ä¸ªäººæ´»ç€æ˜¯ä¸ºäº†æœ‹å‹ï¼›ä¿æŒè‡ªå·±ç”Ÿå ‘½çš„完整,不受时间侵蚀,也是为了朋 友。――罗曼・罗兰

68.å‹è°Šæ˜¯åŸ¹å…»äººçš„æ„Ÿæƒ…çš„å­¦æ ¡ã€‚æˆ‘ä»¬æ‰€ä» ¥éœ€è¦å‹è°Šï¼Œå¹¶ä¸æ˜¯æƒ³ç”¨å®ƒæ‰“å‘æ—¶é—´ï¼Œè €Œæ˜¯è¦åœ¨äººèº«ä¸Šï¼Œåœ¨è‡ªå·±çš„身上培养美 德。―― 苏霍姆林斯基

69.äººçš„ç”Ÿæ´»ç¦»ä¸å¼€å‹è°Šï¼Œä½†è¦å¾—åˆ°çœŸæ­£çš „友谊才是不容易;友谊总需要忠诚去播 ç§ï¼Œç”¨çƒ­æƒ…åŽ»çŒæº‰ï¼Œç”¨åŽŸåˆ™åŽ»åŸ¹å…»ï¼Œç” ¨è°…解去护理。―― 马克思

70.å‹è°Šä¹ŸåƒèŠ±æœµï¼Œå¥½å¥½åœ°åŸ¹å…»ï¼Œå¯ä»¥å¼€å¾ —å¿ƒèŠ±æ€’æ”¾ï¼Œå¯æ˜¯ä¸€æ—¦ä»»æ€§æˆ–è€…ä¸å¹¸ä»Žæ  ¹æœ¬ä¸Šç ´åäº†å‹è°Šï¼Œè¿™æœµå¿ƒä¸Šç››å¼€çš„花 ,可以立刻萎颓凋谢。―― 大仲马

71.æœ‹å‹é—´å¿…é¡»æ˜¯æ‚£éš¾ç›¸æµŽï¼Œé‚£æ‰èƒ½è¯´å¾—ä¸ Šæ˜¯çœŸæ­£çš„å‹è°Šï¼Œä½ æœ‰ä¼¤å¿ƒäº‹ï¼Œä»–ä¹Ÿå“­æ ³£ï¼Œä½ ç¡ä¸ç€ï¼Œä»–也难安息;不管你遇 上任何困难,他都心甘情愿和你分担〠‚―― 莎士比亚

72.å‹è°Šæ˜¯ä¸ä¼šæœ‰æ„Ÿæƒ…çš„ç ´äº§å’Œå¿«ä¹çš„å¹»ç ­çš„ã€‚çˆ±æƒ…å¦‚æžœçŒ®å‡ºçš„è¶…è¿‡æœ¬èº«çš„èƒ½åŠ›ï ¼Œæœ€åŽå°±ä¼šæŽ¥å—多而献出少了。这在男 女双方都一样,而友谊则只能增长。†•â€•å·´å°”扎克

73.çœŸè¯šçš„ã€ååˆ†ç†æ™ºçš„å‹è°Šæ˜¯äººç”Ÿçš„æ— ä» ·ä¹‹å®ã€‚ä½ èƒ½å¦å¯¹ä½ çš„æœ‹å‹å®ˆä¿¡ä¸æ¸ï¼Œæ °¸è¿œåšä¸€ä¸ªæ— æ„§äºŽä»–的人,这就是你的 çµé­‚ã€æ€§æ ¼ã€å¿ƒç†ä»¥è‡³äºŽé“å¾·çš„æœ€å¥½çš „考验。―― 马克思

74.å‹è°Šçš„ä¸»è¦æ•ˆç”¨ä¹‹ä¸€å°±åœ¨äºŽä½¿äººå¿ƒä¸­çš „愤懑抑郁得以宣泄、弛放。…&hell ip;å¯¹ä¸€ä¸ªçœŸæ­£çš„æœ‹å‹ï¼Œä½ å¯ä»¥ä¼ è¾¾ä½ çš „å¿§æ„ã€æ¬¢æ‚¦ã€ææƒ§ã€å¸Œæœ›ã€ç–‘å¿Œã€è°è ¯¤ï¼Œä»¥åŠä»»ä½•åŽ‹åœ¨ä½ èº«ä¸Šçš„事情。―― 培根

75.æˆ‘ä»¬ä¸åº”è¯¥ä¸æƒœä»»ä½•ä»£ä»·åœ°åŽ»ä¿æŒå‹è° Šï¼Œä»Žè€Œä½¿å®ƒå—åˆ°çŽ·æ±¡ã€‚å¦‚æžœä¸ºäº†é‚£æ›´ä ¼Ÿå¤§çš„爱,必须牺牲友谊,那也是没有 åŠžæ³•çš„äº‹ï¼›ä¸è¿‡å¦‚æžœèƒ½å¤Ÿä¿æŒä¸‹åŽ»ï¼Œé‚ £ä¹ˆï¼Œå®ƒå°±èƒ½å¤ŸçœŸçš„达到完美的境界了㠀‚――泰戈尔

76.ç²¾ç¥žç”Ÿæ´»å’Œè‚‰ä½“ç”Ÿæ´»ä¸€æ ·ï¼Œæœ‰å‘¼ä¹Ÿæœ‰å ¸ï¼šçµé­‚è¦å¸æ”¶å¦ä¸€é¢—çµé­‚çš„æ„Ÿæƒ…æ¥å……å ®žè‡ªå·±ï¼Œç„¶åŽä»¥æ›´ä¸°å¯Œçš„感情送回给人 å®¶ã€‚äººä¸Žäººä¹‹é—´è¦æ²¡æœ‰è¿™ç‚¹ç¾Žå¦™çš„å…³ç³ »ï¼Œå¿ƒå°±æ²¡æœ‰äº†ç”Ÿæœºã€‚å®ƒç¼ºå°‘ç©ºæ°”ï¼Œå®ƒä ¼šå—难,枯萎。――巴尔扎克

77.å‹è°ŠçœŸæ˜¯ä¸€æ ·æœ€ç¥žåœ£çš„ä¸œè¥¿ï¼Œä¸å…‰æ˜¯å€ ¼å¾—ç‰¹åˆ«æŽ¨å´‡ï¼Œè€Œä¸”å€¼å¾—æ°¸è¿œèµžæ‰¬ã€‚å®ƒæ ˜¯æ…·æ…¨å’Œè£èª‰çš„最贤慧的母亲,是感激 和仁慈的姐妹,是憎恨和贪婪的死敌;å ®ƒæ—¶æ—¶åˆ»åˆ»éƒ½å‡†å¤‡èˆå·±ä¸ºäººï¼Œè€Œä¸”完全 出于自愿,不用他人恳求。―― 薄伽丘

78.å‹è°Šä¹‹èˆŸåœ¨ç”Ÿæ´»çš„æµ·æ´‹ä¸­è¡Œé©¶æ˜¯ä¸å¯èƒ ½ä¸€å¸†é£Žé¡ºçš„ï¼Œæœ‰æ—¶ä¼šç¢°åˆ°ä¹Œäº‘å’Œé£Žæš´ï ¼Œåœ¨è¿™ç§æƒ…况下,友谊应该受到这种或 é‚£ç§è€ƒéªŒï¼Œåœ¨è¿™äº›ä¹Œäº‘å’Œé£Žæš´åŽï¼Œé‚£ä¹ ˆå‹è°Šå°±ä¼šæ›´åŠ å·©å›ºï¼ŒçœŸæ­£çš„å‹è°Šåœ¨ä»»ä ½•æƒ…况下都会放射出新的光芒。―― 马克思